March meeting report

A big thank you to Scott and Janet Maxwell for hosting the March meeting at their home in Highland Ranch. Fifteen patrol members attended the meeting enjoying great food and good company or good food and great company.

Our purchasing vests for trail maintanence is no longer required as the parent club is purchasing vests that will be identified with the MHJC logo and kept with the trail maintanence supplies for all patrols to use.

Our patrol has been asked to host Aspencaves this fall. The vote was taken that our patrol can only handle this event if another patrol shares the responsiblities.

We will be leading a Greenhorn run again this year, probably in August.

Another vote was taken on the proposal by the parent club to limit club membership to 500 and requiring new members to join a patrol immediately.

Kenneth is busy forming trail runs and will need trip leaders to help him (as well as ideas) as he is out of town on business regularly.

We need volunteers to host patrol meetings.

April 9th meeting will be at Busty's 44th Ave Grill in Wheatridge. Details later. Hope to see you there.

Stay safe and healthy,
mrs. patrol leader