Happy New Year

Happy New Year to Everyone! Hope Santa was good to you All.

New year brings new patrol leader who needs new input from all of you. Our first patrol meeting for the year is January 15th being hosted by Glenn and Yvonne at the clubhouse located at 650 S. Youngfield Ct. Lakewood, CO 80228. Hope to see you there.

George Gallie's picture

I currently live in Florida. The flatest state in this great country of ours. My Jeep has not even been out of the garage in over two months. The only fun I would have with Santa is trying to pick him off with a high caliber rifle as he flew over this postage stamp of a state.

However, I am very glad to hear that Joe and Linda have stepped up to the plate and are once again running Patrol 2. I miss all of my friends out there very much. I hope 2017 brings you grand new adventures in those mountains I miss so very much.



I just wanna go jeepin!