Emergency Operations Plan

The Emergency Operations Plan was required of us by the Forest Service. It is a form that is supposed to be filled out anytime we are doing maintenance work on Browns and Breakneck Pass. Glenn has posted it on our web site so the maintenance leader or designated safety person can print it off and fill it out. The Forest Service may ask for this should an emergency arise during maintenance work. Or they may randomly ask for it if they happen to be out there.
On the first page, #'s 1, 2, 3, and 4 should reflect the day of the project. #5 would be anybody working that day with any first aid or medical training including CPR. The rest of the form is filled out and should be reviewed by all working that day.
The back page (#'s 11 and 12) are also prefilled with info to assist you with knowing who should be responding and which route to to bring first responders in if needed.
The "Emergency Information for Dispatchers/First Responders" is a guide for you to collect information that may be needed by dispatch (911) or first responders. It would save time to have the first four bits of info prior to calling 911.
#5 will probably be needed by the first responders(ambulance or fire)
I would suggest that the answers to #5 be carried by each person in case they are unable to respond due to the emergency.
The last page is the map out of Wells trail book for reference to guide help to where you are. It has a pretty detailed mileage guide for your use.
I would suggest that this form be reviewed at the beginning of the work day and everybody should know where it is in case it is needed. Contact me if you have any suggestions (constructive) or questions pertaining to this form and the information contained within.

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Thanks Keith!