Since I put in the new stroker engine Bendicon has not run worth a crap! Would run ok above 1500 rpm and on the highway but when idling running very very rough and exhaust smelled like it was very rich.

The O2 sensor was miswired! No ground to the sensor and the signal wire to the ECU was no continuity .

Purrs like a tiger now! All4Fun here I come:)

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Aways a great feeling to find the last piece to the puzzle.


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Vic that is awesome to hear, at our last outing in the chutes you and I had spoken about the tuning I had gotten on my 4.7 stroker. I am really glad to hear that things worked out for you because as you know this whole stroker deal wasn't that great of an experience for me. I will say however that all my stroker problems seem to have gone away since I got mine tuned as well. Looking forward to hearing and seeing it perform on the trails.......