Saxon MTN

A Patrol of the Mile Hi Jeep Club

Howdy Patrol 2,

Ann and I ran Saxon Mountain today, 7.25.2015. Just Ann, Cosmos, and myself.

It is open now all the way to the top. I would rate this in the 5-6 range due to the first washout area. Pictured below. I was unable to climb this running 10 lbs of air in my 35" tires until I used both front and rear lockers. It is very steep, and consists of loose rock and gravel. You cannot see it very well from the picture, but this "hill" is about 15' tall, and has angles both up and down around 45%. Small area about 2' is relatively flat on the top, but my unlimited JK dragged heavily crossing from one side to another. Shorter wheelbase should not have a problem. You also have a left hand turn that you must make while climbing and this is all blind. I am not even certain how you would get a spotter to really be able to help as your just looking at the sky as you are cresting this thing. There is a winch point on the uphill side of the obstacle but none on the downhill side.

I strongly suggest you do not attempt this on your own unless you have two lockers, or a winch. Preferably both. If you have a group you will need high clearance IE a lift kit to make it over without dragging and possibly high centering. Yes, that is about a 500' drop off to the left side. So do not get your line wrong. If your rig is equipped right you can make it over, but the pucker factor on this is very high.

There are also a couple of spots where boulders have fallen onto the trail. Large ones that cannot be climbed over. You must drive around them. My JK unlimited on the worse of these trashed an aluminum rim scrapping one on the passenger side, and my drivers side was no more than 3" or so from dropping off the trail. If you have a problem with heights you might want to skip this one.

The rest of the trail is even bumpier than the last time I ran. Alot of washout happening on this trail with ever changing obstacles due to slides. Be prepared for anything on this one.

Ann, Cosmos, and I made it up to the top and down again in 3.5 hours. That included airing down. 6.5 miles from the bottom to the top. and we stopped frequently to take pictures etc.

I will be setting up a run in August going up Spring Creek, and then down Saxon Mountain into Georgetown.