Aspencades 2014

A Patrol of the Mile Hi Jeep Club

Yvonne and I went to Aspencades again this year and were joined there by Galen, Jordan and Katie, and Scott (and Janet later for Dinner and the fire) Yvonne, Scott and I decided to go up McAllister Gulch and Ptarmigan Peak.

We thought J and K were going to join us too, but we lost them to another group. So this is just the tale of us and Scott. Bill, and Patrol 1 Hobo Jeepers were going to do the same trail with 15 rigs. That was a bit too much for me, so we thought we would let them go ahead, and maybe we would catch up. But as fate would have it, we started at the Shrine Pass side in Red Cliff and ran the loop ahead of the big group.

Shrine pass is basically a dirt road for the first half, and a rocky creek bed the second half. Loads of fun to follow to reach the junction of what would be considered the end of McAllister, and the beginning of Ptarmigan. This was the start of one of, if not THE, prettiest aspen jeeping trail I have ever been on. We had no issues climbing the (few) large rocky bits, and the weather was PERFECT! mid 70's and sun!

The orange Jeep and Scott's new transfer case/transmission housing, drive shafts, axle etc worked exactly as they should, climbing over and rolling up the trail. We had a little side trip on Ptarmigan to a lovely overlook for lunch, and photos, and then again while on McAllister to overlook the place we had lunch :-)

There were quite a few Quads, but we only say one other Jeep, and he was going down the trail as we were up on the overlook, so we never had the issue of passing on these narrow trails.

McAllister isn't much of a difficult trail (despite what "TrailDamage" says) but it is quite a long steep climb to the top. and guess what.... it's a long sort of steep decent back to the river at the end too..... Funny how that works.

We finished back at Red Cliff after the river road back out, and took the main street in this little town out to the highway, passing some nice, and not so nice houses in the process.

Once back at the main camp outside of Leadville, we sat around the campfire, eating MHJC food and swapping stories of everyone's trip. Jordan and/or Katie will have to fill you all in on their trip.

Scott and Janet stayed for the night, and Yvonne and I headed back to Golden that night with no issues at all (and at full highway speeds in a dry, quiet Jeep.... never done before I got this new JK :-P

View the photos here: