Memorial Moab

A Patrol of the Mile Hi Jeep Club

This is an attempt to capture some of the activities that took place during the Memorial Moab weekend trip of 2014. Thanks to Glenn and Vic for their contributions. The following Patrol 2 members were present:

Glenn and Yvonne
Keith and Sharon
Richard and Sherry with Bonnie
Jordan and Katie with Tinkerbell
Gary and Sandy
Pat and Deb
Deb and Janet
Doug and Janelle
Jerry and Laurie
Daryl with son Ben and son-in-law Nick
Scott and Janet

Richard/Sherry and Keith/Sharon arrived earlier in the week. Rich, Glenn/Yvonne, and Jordan/Katie caravanned on Thursday; Daryl, Nick, Ben and Scott also arrived on Thursday. Jerry and Laurie along with Janet, Deb and Janet, and Vic, arrived on Friday. Not sure when the other participants arrived. George and Ann drove out Friday, but George was not feeling well and they returned to Denver on Sunday. See other posts regarding George's illness.

Generally the weather was fair, with lots of rain in the late afternoon and night, but little during the day. Friday afternoon there was a huge thunderstorm over Moab with significant hail that created a lot of mud slides long hwy 128 and chocolate colored water falls from north side bluffs. Sunday morning it also rained but by the time we got to the trail heads it had subsided making for a beautiful day.

Friday Runs:
· Fisher Towers: Keith led run accompanied by Glenn, Rich, Jordan, Scott, and Daryl. Very photo friendly area with red rock towers. We all took a hike up a small canyon.

· Onion Creek and Thompson Canyon loop: Keith led accompanied by Scott and Daryl,

· Top of the World: Rich led accompanied by Glenn and Jordan. Spectacular view from the top. Some challenging ledges to climb, but Jordan made it look easy.

· Kane Creek Canyon: Richard led accompanied by Pat, Doug, and Gary. Lots of water crossings.

· Sand Flats Road and Fins & Things: short, late afternoon run led by Vic and accompanied by Deb..

Saturday Runs:
· Dome Plateau: Keith led accompanied by Pat, Gary, Rich, Glenn, Jordan, Doug, Jerry, Scott, and Daryl. A fun loop trail with an arch, overlook, and natural wind-formed caves. Took a wrong turn and ended up on a road that had a significant obstacle for the Liberty and unlocked Wranglers, so we turned around and got back on track.

· Rose Garden Hill and Top of the World: led by Richard and accompanied by Deb and Vic. No one had to winch and they made it over all obstacles with a little spotting for Deb.

Sunday Runs:
· Sevenmile Rim: Pat led accompanied by Gary, Doug, Deb, and Rich. We picked up some guests, Jacque and son Nick with their wives driving capable JK Rubicons, and Dale (or Dana) and his girl friend, both long-haul truckers in a rental JK Rubicon. Several challenging rocks and ledges to crawl up and down, and a very tippy section around Merrimac Butte. Stopped to check out Wipe Out Hill; none of us wanted to try it but Dana decided to go for it, went down and climbed up without a problem, although the front end was bouncing around at the top -- the guy has major cajones. At the end of the run we visited the Tusher Tunnel. Deb, Janet, Vic, and I joined Jacque and Nick and wives for dinner at Buck's Grill House. Our guests were very appreciative and I think we will have 2 new members of Patrol 2.

· Elephant Hill: Jerry led accompanied by Glenn, Jordan, Daryl, and Keith. The following report is from Glenn: The trip on Sunday started out to be a "plan B" trip of blacktop only down through the Needles area in Canyonlands NP due to the rain. But as we got closer, the rain quit, the clouds parted, and the sun came out! We stopped at the needles Outpost and paid $6.50 per gallon to top off, and next thing you know, we were staring at the trail-head of Elephant Hill! So, with Jeeps in hand, we went up. We ran up over some big rocks, had lunch on the top of Elephant Hill and watched a stock, open Xterra smash and bounce his way up the rocks. We headed off down steep slickrock, around tight switchbacks, over more rocks, through some bigger rocks, across some sandy prairies, and hiked up to the confluence of the Green and Colorado rivers for a wonderful overlook. The way back is a one way short cut and we went over more rock stairs, more prairies more sand and back to the "switchback hill" where the turn
is so tight you have to pull in and then back down/up to the next switchback before going forward again. Then back down to the parking lot to air up and head home, just as the rains started again. Dinner in town was a 1-2 hour wait, so we went to the Rio, off the strip, and got a seat right away, only to wait about an hour and a half for the food to actually arrive :-\

· Mashed Patatoes: Richard led accompanied by Vic, and Mark and Jennifer, friends of the Dillon's from Grand Junction. The following is from Vic: The area is named for the mounds of white slick rock with some challenging obstacles - much fun. We then went to a obstacle named Pickle which is a slot canyon about one quarter mile long with three main obstacles. I had to winch over the first obstacle but Richard made it okay. The final obstacle Richard made it up after about 4 - 5 tries at 2, 6 ft. huge ledges and Vic took the bypass. I thought I broke something because Bendicon started making some thumping noises but they went away.

Monday Runs:
· Prictchett Canyon: Richard led accompanied by Vic. Vic says: "I've learned that I had no business there because I had to winch about 5 or 6 times which put a burden on Richard Dillon. On an obstacle called Axle Breaker, I was winching with my tire against huge ledge and it broke the bead on my right front tire, which I repaired with no problems. Never again. Although I did not break I, realized that Bendicon is not built for such big obstacles. Richard had no problems at all."


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Thanks for the awesome write up Rich. :-)

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Thanks for sharing this Rich. Moab Memorial Madness is always a total hoot!

"Eternity is a very long time, especially towards the end." Woody Allen - 1971

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We must not forget George and Ann who were there, even though they didn't get to wheel, they came out just the same. I know he was out there in spirit.

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I mentioned George and Ann's brief stay, but perhaps not sufficiently.