Switzerland Trail

A Patrol of the Mile Hi Jeep Club

The Switzerland Trail was more of a challenge than expected. Deep snow banks presented some formidable obstacles.

Saturday March 29, George, Ann, and I departed from the Boulder IHOP at about 9:45a. It was a beautiful warm day with the sun shining. We went up Fourmile Canyon Road to the bottom of Pennsylvania Gulch. The plan for the day was to take Pennsylvania Gulch to the west end of Switzerland Trail and then make a loop. There were patches of snow on Pennsylvania Gulch and no evidence of prior traffic, so we started up the hill. We busted through a couple of snow banks but soon found it slow going and would have had to break out the winch cables to continue. Instead we decided to turn around and headed back down the trail. At this point I noticed a flop-flop-flop sound and discovered a blown tire on the RR; big gash in the sidewall -- the tire was totaled. George graciously assisted in putting on my spare.

After returning to the bottom of Pennsylvania Gulch we headed SE on the Switzerland Trail and stopped for lunch at a scenic overlook. When the wind picked up we jumped into the Jeeps and continued. About 2 miles after turning west we ran into another huge snow bank and decided to call it a day. We turned around again and went back to the Sugarloaf Road turnoff which leads to hwy 119 and back to Boulder.

On the way home I stopped at Discount Tire and was surprised to find they had a tire of the right size; I was in and out with a new tire in 35 minutes, and since I had purchased the certificates there was no cost!

Rich Stockton