Metberry Gulch 2-22-14

A Patrol of the Mile Hi Jeep Club

George, (I still just wanna go Jeeping) Gallie said it was time to run the Gulches. In this case, Metberry Gulch was first choice and after a hearty breakfast at O'Brien's Restaraunt in Sedalia, Capt. George, Ann and little Kujo led 11 other enthusiastic Jeepers to Deckers, where folks picked up last minute provisions and enjoyed a 10-100. While there, our group gained two more Jeeps, making a total of 14 as we headed to air down at the Gulches main access route in quaint and lovely West Creek, Colorado.

Besides George and best I can remember in no particular order, our group included the venerable Richard Dillon, with Sherry and Bonnie the Wonder Dog, Deb Arthur w/ Janet and Robert, a friend of theirs from work. He took some cool pic's of the run. Jim and Karen Chambers, with their always energetic pooch Dazey, Scott Maxwell, Rich Stockton, Vic Padilla, Jordan White, Gene Carner with son Chris, Fred and Evelyn, Doug, and our two new tagalongs.

I've run Metberry Gulch several times during the winter and the snow this year was the most I've seen. It wasn't deep, except in one spot, but it was persistant until we began the last drop from the hard right turn above Slick Rock. As expected, the turn to the bottom was snow free.

I cannot say enough aboout the spectacular scenery awaiting those who takes this trail. Breathtaking doesn't nearly do it justice. If you haven't run it, you need to put it on your must do trail list. It's just that good.

During lunch along side the S. Platte River, we knew it would be a fun climb out. Why, you ask? Well, because two of the Jeeps had gotten stuck and had to be pulled through the one real deep snow drift on the way down.

The ride out was delightful and as expected, the ongoing fun got even better when our merry band of Jeepers reached The Drift. In turn, each of us had the opportunity to put our rigs in low range and those of us with lockers shredded through the drift, engines loudly roaring and snow flying everywhere. What a hoot!

Best memory was Richard hooking a tow strap to one of the open and hoping stock Jeeps and pulling it through the drift, people loudly cheering as they made it to the top. So much fun!

Upon our departure from Metberry, the majority of us took the easy way home heading south to West Creek road. We were slinging mud everywhere while splashing through puddles and creek crossings. Finally reaching the Fire Department, we aired up and headed home. As the Sun slowly sank in the west, it was a wonderful day of Jeeping and thank God for car washes!


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If you are not a writer, you should be. Love this write up. :-)

l _,_ [____],

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Hey Glenn, Jerry did his typical outstanding job (still think he missed his calling) on this journalistic style trip report to the Gulches. Can we get it transferred to the Trip Report section of the web site?

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Thanks for the heads up