Nevadaville Loop snow run

A Patrol of the Mile Hi Jeep Club

Meet at Marion's for breakfast, five rig. One liberty and four JK. One trail we had another one joint us, TJ. From Oh-My-God road, we took Russell Gulch road. Road to Frontenac Mine is closed by log cross road, also section were mine is located has metal gate that can be lock on the main road. There starting to build homes in this area, so next time there a good chance road will be closed. From there we did Nevadaville Loop, no snow on the road. To make it truth snow run, Head down Columbine campground road, all but two of us started on Yankee Hill road. Lots of snow, we try to meet them where trail comes out on the first part. I was hitting some deep snow, made it about 3/4 of the way. But the snow was getting to deep, so we head back to Cemetery. They show up about half hour later, they all had lockers front and back. It made for good run for the whole group.


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Nevadaville Loop / Yankee Hill

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Will post pics in the next few days.

3 JK's and a TJ did part of The Yankee Hill area for some fun snow bashing. Fred and one of the JK's that needed new tires held back as they didn't want to chance it in the deeper snow. Great day for all! Fred, did you bend your shock or is it ok now?

l _,_ [____],

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Got new shock from jeepbyal, have it installed this coming We'd.