Rollins Pass west UP DATED

A Patrol of the Mile Hi Jeep Club

Eight Jeeps were on run. It was super nice day going up Rollins west side. One of member Jeep die and would start, so two other help bring it to trail head. Headed back to town for car trailer, its one of the best thing in this Patrol in helping each other.
Five of group headed up to trestle, from this point it above timberline. Along being shelf road, snow was deeper. So two of are group check it out, was clear to next turn around point. So we follow or try to, snow had different idea on where it want us to go. It was high center time, with help of winches and straps. We got everyone back to trestle, family stop as we had lunch in front of trestle. I gave them information about road bed, they might be on club Green Horn run this coming Saturday.
It was a nice laded back run with snow fly as wheels were turning on getting two last jeep out. But that what it all about.