Another attempt @ Holy Cross

A Patrol of the Mile Hi Jeep Club

On Sunday Jeff Dupont ,Chris and I took another attempt at Holy Cross.We stayed the night before close to the trail head.When we got to ower camp site the sun was out the birds were singing, mother nature was at her finest.But that night she turned into the evil Bitc- that she can be.The night was cold,dark and down right fridged. But we endured to awake to a half inch of frost on everything.Good thing I bought a new coffee pot to warm us up. Chris got out the windo scraper and proceded to scrap everything including the paint on the side of ower JEEP.Oh boy how do you bust him for helping.What can I say ,It's a JEEP.We had a bite to eat and started out ,The day before we aired down for the road to the camp site,So no need to air down ,that was allready taken care of.Jeff took lead to show his friend the sights.You may not all know but Jeff was introduced to this run by his father some years ago.So this run for him is some what of a tradition.And I think that is way cool.Due to Jeff's love for his dad and this run,and the inflence his father had on him,It has be come one of my all time Fav's.If you hav'nt had the opertunity to do this run ,Your truly missing out.This run will put you through your paces,Challenge you and your rig at every point.But what a ride it is.Chris absaloutly loves this run.Great obsticals,a creek to play in and old bildings to explore.On this paticular day the whole run was wet,Lots of water running down the trail.this was making some of the obsticals rather difficult.Everything went well untill we passed the sign that states (You don't have to be crazy to drive this trail,But it help's.)Not really the pic's say's it all. At the first obstical a rut has been dug so deep that I had to wintch out of it.Jeff took this bump in the road like it was;nt there.I was good and stuck!My JEEP slid from the extreem left to the extreem right and back again,I took diferent lines but no good? I had to pull myself up this one. With Jeff,s help.This is not normally where I need to wintch, most of the time this is easy?As we aproched french creek, I noticed no other rigs stuck in the middle of the creek,Did I mention that on Saterday eve we counted 20 rigs making there way back to camp.We were hopeing that they were not going to be joining us on Sunday.And to ower luck they did'nt.Only one other rig on the trail,and he was parked at french creek with a deer in the head light look in his eye's.This is great Holy Cross to owerselves,Life is good!This was the first time I made it over french creek with out help! What a great feeling to overcome an advesary like this tire eating,axel busting ,got you stuck in a real bad spot ,and Oh ya! what about your drive shaft bending,I'll eat that too, What ya gon'a do now trap of an obstical.Did I mention that french creek is a real mother fu----.this gal will spit you out .I,ve seen more JEEP parts in the creek than in a junk yard.And for the first time I tamed this ungodly blister on the JEEP map .We got past french creek with little or no problems.Jeff took on the creek like a pro, He navegateted the boulders like this was no big deal.It realy pisxxoo me off.This guy can drive!We made up to the left hand turn just after french creek only to find that the road was covered with snow!Shi-! ,No makeing it to Holy Cross city today,No Cleveland rock,CRAP! We turnd around and headed down,I took the high line around the big rock in the middle of the creek,Who put that there? Never the less I got By with the use of my rock sliders,GRIND!l Jeff took the left hand side and with a little navigational skill made it down no problem.Did I mention this guy can drive.After getting down from french creek we headed home to clean up camp and head to a lower altitude witch sucks!But that's where we live.I thank Jeff and his friend for makeing this run so much fun.Could'nt ,would'nt have done it with out you.THANK YOU.Chris and Gene..