On my side at wheeler!

A Patrol of the Mile Hi Jeep Club

Saterday the 14th Jeff Dupont and I did a last minute run to wheeler lake.the day started out with Jeff meeting me @ my place around 8 am.I was planning to work around the house today but with a little arm twisting Jeff convinced me wheeler would be alot more fun.It reminds me of eddy haskel on leave it beaver when eddy tricked the beaver into painting the fence,you remember that one.Any way! We arived @ montgomory lake and aired down Jeff took lead, @ the first obstical just after magnolia mill Jeff took the hard line up to the right just to see if he could make it,And he did no problems.So I took a good look at it and said sure I'll do that,No sooner did I get the thought out of my head I was laying on my side with a broken drivers mirror a bunch of brand new dents,some of the stuff in my JEEP now out of my JEEP and my pride spilled along the trail,This is going to be a golden grams day!Jeff took lots of pictures and I could tell he was doing everything he could to not laugh @ my new situation. Chris said it scared the xoxoxs out of him,But no one was hurt and the darn thing went over so slowly If I were faster I probably could have got out.What a ride though.I climbed out the pasengers side to get a good look at what I just did.After assessing the situation we hooked Jeff,s winch to my front bumper and pulled it over and cleaned everything up.After that the day went great.Nothing can go wrong the rest of the trail when you pay homage to the trail on the first obsical.Like I said Jeff took lots of pictures so I hope he can get them down loaded soon for every on to enjoy.Chris and Gene...


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Waiting for pics!

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