Liberty 4" lift/Barbour Fork

A Patrol of the Mile Hi Jeep Club

Barbour Fork / Liberty 4" lift test run

Three member of Patrol 2 joint in Fred Liberty test run.
Richard and Sherry, Vic and Fred

Barbour Fork is starting to get washout in places with use and rains. So it proud to be good test run. I air down 20 psi which cause some problems on one section of trail. I tried two different lines, but with sand between rock and tires it became a not go. So I use by pass, it make on first try. Vic was bend me, there was some noise on few of rocks. Where thinking it was rear spring parting and resetting, need to add strap limiters. Over all lift work just great, did notice one rock and it just clear it.

This might be future Daisy Mae run, close to Denver and good chance for the gals to do real wheel with their other half giving them line on were to go.

Stop for lunch at cover shelter, it made for very nice day.

Next up for Liberty is Jenny Creek, also be doing Green Horn run for club in October.

Next run I'll try 10 psi on Jenny Creek run.