Daisy Mae Run Report

A Patrol of the Mile Hi Jeep Club

We couldn’t have asked for better weather for our Daisy Mae Run on Saturday, August 17th. Our run was very colorful with a blue, a white, two silver, an orange, a black, a white and 4 different shades of green JEEPS. Ten women drivers braved Yankee Hill and their passengers were very well behaved. (Blindfolds and gags were not needed!)

Our day started with a delicious Marion’s breakfast. After a brief meeting Deb Underwood passed out the Ladies’ Gifts (Goody bags titled “My Crawling Iron” filled with lots of wonderful things girls need on the trail and pink caps with Daisy Mae Buttons). Our caravan of jeeps looked great as we drove through Idaho Springs, Route 70 and up Fall River Road.

We aired down at in large circular dirt and gravel area and Fred Weick gave us a mini lecture about where some of the other trails led and the history of the area.
Pat Underwood gave us some useful information about 4 lo, lockers and disconnects before we headed up the trail. Pat’s best advice was to “Trust Your Jeep!”

Yankee Hill was just the type of challenge we needed to start the day. I think we would all agree, although some of us were nervous, Yankee Hill was great fun!

For lunch we headed up to Chins Lake where the most difficult task was to find a parking spot. Apparently, the fabulous weather and the fact that it was the last weekend before most schools start brought everyone out camping! We finally found a few spots after backing up on the berm that divides the lake into two pools.

Sandy Gerulat provided dessert with Jeep shaped Sugar Cookies iced in colors that matched several of the jeeps.

We managed the trail without any major difficulties and except for a bit of “Colorado Pin-Striping”, no damage to our vehicles. Sandy made sure to explain to any vehicles that we passed on the trail that it was “Ladies Day”!

Thanks to Debbie Underwood for the great gifts. Thanks to the Ladies from Patrols 2 and 14 and the New Comers who joined us for a fun day. Debbie, Ann, Janet, Stephanie, Cheryl, Kim, Evelyn, Becki and Trish.

And, a big THANKS to our Passengers for trusting our driving abilities! Pat, George, Fred, Deb, Roxy, J.D., Bill, David, and Corinne.

Respectfully submitted,

Sandy Gerulat


Joe and Linda McDonough's picture

Great report Sandy, really sorry I had to miss it. Linda

Joe and Linda