Blanca peak

A Patrol of the Mile Hi Jeep Club

On July 13th,Jeff DuPont,Chris and myself ran Blanca peak.If you have not done this run,Let me tell you, IT IS A MUST!This run has it all.High altitude,great obsticals, steep,tippy,loose rock,narrow shelf roads,mud holes,beautiful views,great fishing,and a hippy playing the ukulele.It started out with us getting out of town a little later than we had planned on friday eve.Heading south we ran into Colorado springs traffic,and it had us stalled for a bit. The road to Blanca is long enuf without traffic.We got into Walsenberg around dusk and knew we still had around 60 miles to go to start the run.The plan was to drive down find a good camp site at the bottom and get some rest before we explore the unknown.Thats not exactly how it went down.When we got to the trail head it was dark, real dark and with the spot lights on we found owerselfs in what looks like a desert.No trees,no bushes,And if you like sleeping with the cows this is the spot.Jeff did'nt even stop up the road he went with Chris and I in tow.The trail goes from flat as Kansas to Colorado steep in about 10 feet and as rockie as the boulder field at spring creek,This go's on for ever.It starts out as small rocks and gets bigger as you go.At around a mile the road starts to get narrow and steep with switchbacks,At this point Im getting a bit uncomfortable,It's dark real dark.Did I mention It's dark! At the top of the switchbacks we found an oasis off in the trees,To this point none of the camp sites would accomidate two rigs and tents.This was the one flat ,large and lush.We parked and got out only to be atacked by killer moths.They were every where.I never seen so many moths in one place ,We were tired and worn out and not in the mood they lost we won and we spent the night.The next morning we arose to awsome views of the valley below.After a bite we started out,The first big obsical on this run is jaws 1.The best way to disribe this one is someone parked a school bus sideways and buried it half way in the middle of the road,It's go over it or get real tippy going around it.We went over it!The next good one is jaws two this obstical is right in the middle of a narrow steep road, there's no going around this one,Jeff made it over just fine, after a few attempts I had to winch over,Hey It's a long way to the bottom!.Next is jaws 3 this one will twist your junk all over the place, not super hard but good articulation a must.This run not only has the 4 major obsticals but a lot of ones that are not mentioned,It was never boring going from obstical to obsical lots of smaller stuff to do.I found this run to be a more tecnical and wheel placement a must.After jaws 3 the valley widens to como lake where we found a most excellant camp site.We fished we ate and Chris ran all over the place.It's now Saterday eve Chris caught so many fish he was wearing out and a peace loving hippie is singing to the valley.He was actuly prety good.I did'nt tip him.Other than that Jeff and I saw no other Jeepers camped at the lake,Lots of hikers but no other rigs,untill Sunday after noon close to the bottom of the run.May be the no open fires rule kept people at home.The nights were good we had a little rain but nothing to get consernd about.It was'nt hot and it was'nt cold,just right.Sunday we attempted jaws 4 this one is after lake como you don't have to try this one but why not.We did .After that we loaded up while Chris reeled in some more fish,He did'nt keep any of the fish he caught but boy did he have fun catching them.We wanted to get a jump on the trail before the rain came in again.This run is difficult dry we did'nt want to run it backwards wet seeing it gets steep and tippy alot.We got down safe and sound and aired up in the desert.What a great run.We need somthing like this closer to Denver.Vic had mentioned this run was not as difficult as Holy Cross and for him this may be true,I found this run as an = to Holy Cross,And well worth the drive to run.I will be doing this run again.


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Sounds like a blast Gene.

Wish I could have gone.



I just wanna go jeepin!

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Great writeup. Thanks for sharing