Red Elephant etc

A Patrol of the Mile Hi Jeep Club

5 rigs and 8 people and no dogs made the trip on this fine day.
We met, as usual at Marions and the Patrol 2 people (Gary, Sandy, Glenn, Yvonne and Bob) ate a lovely breakfast. Craig (like the town) who we met at the last greenhorn run, and another couple that came with him, Tom and Christine stopped by about 9:00 and we had a nice chat and then headed up the hill.

The plan was to do Red Elephant to Bill Moore lake, with Mill creek thrown in. the first part of the trail was bumpy, rocky and slow going. we didn't make it to the Empire Hilton for lunch until almost 2:00, but the lunch was wonderful, even classy. At least ONE couple were classy, with their lace table cloth, cloth napkins in Rings, candle (battery powered) for atmosphere and such. :-p

Along the way we stopped for a couple Geocaches. always a fun offshoot of jeeping, and we always seem to convert those along to the game.

The only issue we had for the day was when our fearless leaders, Gary and Sandy, had a little Fear thrown their way. While swinging wide to get a good line on the "Big Rocks" obstacle, the road underneath them decided it wanted to slide down the hill, and it was trying it's best to take the Jeep with it. This created a slightly tippy situation, but more so, created the fear that it would continue it's slide off the side without letting them drive out. So to be safe, and not loose any jeeps or jeepers, the decision was made to hook them up while they drove/winced their way back onto the road.

After that, there was a few spots to help the new folks over, and by the time we got to the intersection of Mill Creek and Bill Moore it was almost 4:00, so it was decided we would skip the lake and save it for another day, and head down. A quick trip and a couple of Diff crunches on the way down (oh, that deceptive rock on the crested road) then it was down to Empire to air up and eat ice cream :-) o>

Check out the photos here:
(all you folks on the run, post yours here too, or send them to me, and I will)


Red Elephant Hill
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George Gallie's picture

David and Jerry did not make it?

And was it just the newer folks, or everyone who bypassed the only obstacle on this trail?

Heck, wish I had been there. Would have made for a fun day.


I just wanna go jeepin!

Gary and Sandy Gerulat's picture

Since Sandy and I were leading the run, I felt it was my duty to give all the newer jeepers the full experience of vehicle recovery. That's why I elected to try sliding down the hill sideways near the Big Rock Challenge at the beginning of the run (I don't think Sandy appreciated my effort). We demonstrated the use of two winches, used simultaneously, in an effort to make the recovery as painless as possible. Thank you Bob and Tom. We were not able to climb the rocks as I had hoped, maybe next time.