Spring Creek Again!

A Patrol of the Mile Hi Jeep Club

Thats right folks,I ran Spring Creek again.Late one night in the middle of the day Jeff Dupont called and wanted to go play.That would be Saterday night.so Sunday morning we meet @ the park and ride on I-70 and Morrison exit and headed west to Downieville.Airing down we ran into Pete from the MHJC he was looking for Patrol1 who had planned to run Red elephant @ 9;00.Jeff and I finished airing down and said ower good by,s.We never saw Patrol 1?Do'nt know if they showed or not?Again there were alot of rigs in Downieville this morning and alot of them had their eyes set on Spring Creek.So Jeff and I took off as soon as we could.I think we were the first rigs to the first obstical for the day only a couple of rigs were behind us as we both were sucsesfull climbing the rock face.No almost flops this time.After that we saw no one the rest of the day.We did the normal run,the I-70 over look path, The rock garden was great and had lunch @ the top.Great day we beat every one to the top, No one broke and no one got hurt.Gene..