Nothing in June.Change of plans

A Patrol of the Mile Hi Jeep Club

Something did happen the first weekend of June.The Patrol 2 Crew headed west To run Spring Creek.We all meet in Idaho Springs and left for the trail as planned.There were alot of rigs running through town that morning and I was hopeing not all were going to The same trail as us.I led this one and as in most cases Richard and Sherry took tail gunner.Seven rigs in all.As we arived at the first obstical there were a couple of rigs at the bottom with no one at the wheel.Oh boy this could take a while?I raidioed back to let the others know that we have guess at the top of the hill,A couple of stock Jeeps and a handfull of rubicons have blocked the road and were attemting to go over,under ,around or through the first obstical.As we walked to the top to see the show there were lots of people standing around with front row seating,and some guy barking out orders as he continued to point down the moutain letting everyone know that he lives right over there?What,s this all about?After a bit most of that groups rigs got around the by pass, One Jeep backed down and we needed to move ower stuff to let him by.So now it was are turn.I got to the obstical and turned into it to soon and the front of my jeep started going up and it continued going up.When will it stop?Well when it did stop,I was looking out the windsheild at the clouds the crazy guy was now barking in my passenger windo,Your going to roll!Your going to roll!And I live right over there.Well if he lives right over there he must be the expert of this hill?And now I'm the guy blocking the road. I do'nt know what it looked like,but the Jeep felt real tipy.In this prosses the right rear coil spring popped out and broke off the shock mount.Some guy was bouncing the front of my Jeep jerking on my winch cable and he really was'nt helping.I just sat there telling the crazy guy to relax.The crew gathered around and asessed the situation.We stablized the Jeep with the winch cable to a nearby tree and Jeep Doug crawled under to get a better look at the spring situation.This guy,Jonny on the spot.Or better yet he,s like vanilla ice.Yo, If there is a problem, Doug will solve it ,check out the hook while his DJ revoles it Doug,Doug baby. We could'nt get the spring in while the Jeep was in that position so we back up alittle bit and I took the bypass around.At the top i was able to articulate the rear to allow enuff room to reinstall the spring and doug removed the rest of the shock.As my memory serves me I think Vic,Doug and Richard were the only ones to sucssesfully climb the rock face.And they made it look easy.I'm hopeing Vic got some good video of the first obstical?It was a mad house.After that the day went well.Deb got the chance to put the green machine through some paces.Steven,A friend of my family got to test out his ongoing project and George drove his rig all over everythig.Right befor the rock garden there is what use to be a realy good obstical.The rocks are now all down at the bottom and it's not as much fun.The rock garden was fun as always and with only one shock in the rear it was a bit bouncy.We stopped at the top for lunch and a bit of sit and bull session and planned to run the funner side of cascade creek.So we cleaned it out and loaded up and started to the right,Like your going down saxon RD where we ran into a family who had slid off the trail.We helped him out and he joined ower caravan going the other way down cascade.That's a long trail to.I thought saxon was bad.At the bottom Richard led us over to a cool spot , He called it the rocks ,It was cool, never knew it was there.I do'nt see where you can click to add all the others names who went on this run.So the list go's as this Richard and Sherry Dillon,Doug Fast,Vic Padilla, Deb Arther, George Gallie,Chris and Gene Carner , Steven and Nate friends of the family.


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Yo Gene, here is the video of you Rock'n and Roll'n (almost); you gotta try harder next time!

Vic o]]]]]o
"A faithful friend is a sturdy shelter; he who finds one finds a treasure. A faithful friend is beyond price, no sum can balance his worth." Sirach 6:14-15

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Thanks for the video Jeep Vic,That was a great shot.Chris and Gene...

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Levi took over 500 pictures on our Run yesterday and I cut it down to 90 to post. Hope I am not overloading the site. If any of you want more of the pics we took just let me know and we can arrange a way for you to get them. Enjoy. Had a blast. :-)

l _,_ [____],

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Thank you Vic, Debra, and Levi for the videos and pictures.


I just wanna go jeepin!