Rat Patrol

MHJC Patrol 2 is a vibrant and diverse group of 4-wheeling enthusiasts who promote the safe and responsible enjoyment of our natural resources.

Patrol 2 and MHJC actively support and participate in efforts to protect access to and improve conditions of Colorado's many off-road trails. We welcome anyone looking to meet and make friends with like-minded people while enjoying fun-filled off-road adventures.

New to jeeping? We're all about providing a safe way to learn new skills and gain experience on the trail. Patrol 2 offers an excellent opportunity to learn about and promote our sport while making great and lasting friendships. Veteran Jeeper? Our experience and knowledge will complement and enhance yours.

Perhaps you just want to check us out? You don't have to be a member of the MHJC or Patrol 2 to run with us. If you have a trail ready 4-WD rig and want to wheel with experienced fun loving people who Jeep all over Colorado and the vast mountain west, please feel free to contact us. We'd love to meet and wheel with you!

Our "Upcoming Events" calendar says it all.

Happy Trails!

Latest Trip Report

[Patrol 2 Mass Contact] Memorial Moab Madness 2016

Glenn Gibson has sent you a group email from Patrol 2.

There hasn't been a lot of signups on Facebook or the Patrol 2
website. http://patrol2.com/?q=node/683

I'm just trying to get a count of how many folks are planning on
Jeeping with us over memorial day weekend this year.

Please answer this E-mail if you are planning on going.


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